Sunday, May 4, 2008

My 20 questions to 20 souls...

1. How to find you? How to get you? How to keep you? You are something!

2. Why can’t I say no to you? When you say the words,
it rules to me, give me reasons to fail you.

3. When will you be tired loving me?? Are you a superhero??

4. Was there ever a time that you care for me??

5. Do you want to be like me?? Damn!!! Don’t wish!
I’m not the girl you think you know.

6. Do you need me?? Oh, I bet you do. Are we real?

7. What’s in you? I guess you just got the colors, and it never fades.

8. Who are you?? Don’t worry, I don’t need answers, I believe in us.

9. Why do you have to come back when you really can’t,
Why do I need to feel the unexplainable emotions every time you
are around.. I hate you!, please, just hate me too.

10. Why do I miss the old days, the old you and the old me?

11. Are you there? Are you out?? This is still me, hello! Let me see you again.

12. Do you feel sorry for yourself?? I guess not, I can see that you are happy.
Good for you.

13. Are you ok? I’m just a whisper away.

14. Do you know that I can’t read you sometimes??

15. Can you really do it?? Don’t think, just GO!

16. Did you all know that I’m jealous, and I’m running away?

17. Can you really be there for him?? I shouldn’t trust you but I have no choice.

18. Can we give it another shot?? Been missing a lot, want more!

19. Is it yes or is it no?? Do you like me or you’re just one of the gays
who like to flirt?

20. How can I leave when you are the reason for me to stay?

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