Monday, September 20, 2010


23 things I Hate about YOU

1. You damn dance really well, I dont.

2. You like RnB music, not so much of my genre.

3. You love pokemon! I cant relate to their evolution.

4. You love DVDs',well everybody does,but movie marathon would really make your day.

( aside from the computer games that youre also fond of )

5. You love shopping, I do too, but not as much as you do.

6. You collect FHMs' -- and you dont want any scratch or any fold on any page- duh!!

7. You speak good english, I bet you do! MENTOR!!! hehehe.. congratssss!!!

8. You cooked carbonara, I never like pasta.

9. You cooked bicol express, binagoongan, scrambled egg and vienna sausages.

--- WAY SPECIAL - ( im just envious of your cooking )

10. You cooked fried chicken, with a bit of sour and saltiness,

( I just cant imitate the way you cook it! )

11. You crave for a special chinese cup noodles that costs 100 plus???

--- extra hot pancit canton for me please!!!! hahaha...

12. You love curry... I dont like it.- coconut milk would be fine.

13. You love black chocolates - I'm not fond of sweets..(pretzels is an exception) uyy!!!

14. You love mangosteen, i never knew theres that kind of fruit existing.

Very expensive in pinas, only 20 baht per kilo here. :)

15. You eat sandwiches with piatos or other chips as filling -- weird for me!

16. You are a certified Health concious!-- best example would be your fruit shakes..

--- mixes of banana, pineapple, and whatever! well thats good for you!

( i heard what happened the last time that you had your high blood)

--- take extra care of yourself!! Drink extra fruit shakes.. hahaha..

17. You go to Quiapo, mostly every saturday, and now I'm missing Nasareno days.

18. You look forward on eating lumpiang sariwa with sarsi soda after church.

19. You love PARES in sampaloc, the best pares in the world for you.

20. You love adobosilog and barbeque, hayzzzz dont forget palabok! you introduced all this food, I cant help but want to have a taste of them again.

21. You love your Family so much- ( this is not part of the things I hate about you)

22. You have a lot of friends, ----- me too...!!! hehehe.. (as I said, better know who are real and who are not)

23 To sum it up! I hate you!, because I'm missing everything that i hate about you and

I'm missing your 23rd birthday..

Happy Birthday DEAR... Have a wonderful Life!

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