Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Figure of Speech (LOVE)

To colors, to roses, to anything that is essentially unlike you... pretending to be whatever and whoever you maybe, you are my simile. To have an incredible version, to question a nondescript and exceptional connection of you to the other you,and to find reasons and purpose to connect. You're my unique and my weird metaphor.

And only to find out that the hypocritical idea of you, violates the rules I made and my intent. Still,.. made you to stand out from the many every ones like, you are the personification in my unreal and interim life. And I know that an excess is what you mostly possess, your every piece is what I always want to persist.. you are too far, so good, too hard, so difficult, too ironic, so hectic, too messy, so complex, too lawless, so complicated. Many you brings hyperbole in one me.

The description and the misrule, my tongue will speak only your language, my mind will just think of your sense and my heart will roam only with your composition. Hopeless they maybe, nowhere you might be, clueless others can be, but being lonesome I will never be. An endless journey and a long wait are what it takes to bring me to you. Boredom is not in my vocabulary but the meaning is part of my dictionary.

I'll just linger for few thousand scenes spend with you, haunt for chances to finally see you, and pray for an instance to atleast sit beside you. And though being hopelessly romantic kills me most of the time, I would rather die than to stop believing. One day, someday, soon, might be day after tomorrow, maybe next time, can be after whatever's next,.. our road, yours and mine,.. will converge. And for the very first time we'll converse, an unknown dialect of intensity and warmth. And we'll made to discover that you are my figure and I am your speech, with desire and freedom, onset until sunset.

-inspired and dedicated to my friends.. in pain and in hopeless space, wish you still fight and believe that aside from change,.. " LOVE is inevitable and constant in this world."

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